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This is a guide for setting up an InfoPath form that will fill in other textboxes with data retrieved from a SharePoint list or library, this form will be published to a SharePoint form library in order to provide end users an easy way to fill in a form. This solution is created by using InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

In the below example I am going to illustrate the implementation of LookUp functionality with SharePoint List and also implementing 3 cascading drop downs . The SharePoint list contains the below columns.


Add a Data Connection that Points to a SharePoint List

Click on Data connection on the Data Tab of the infopath form.


Click on Add button on the data connection wizard.

ReceiveConnection   Select Receive Data radio button and click on Next.

On the next form of the Wizard select the SharePoint Library or List radio button and click on Next.

 On the next form of the wizard provide the SharePoint Web Application URL and click on Next.

On the next form of the wizard Select the List on which the look up functionality is to be implemented.

On the next form of the wizard select the column as shown in the image below and click on Next.


Click Next on the next form on the wizard. On the next wizard select “Automatically Retrive Data when the form is Open” check box and click on finish.

Design your InfoPath form

Create the controls in your designer and place them on the form

InfoPathDesing     Fields

Here depending on the selection of the 3 drop downs the rest of the text boxes are auto filled by retrieving the data from the SharePoint List.

Add Rules to Fill in Other Controls:

Rules for Consultant:


Rules for Client:


(Properties of the client drop down)

Click  here for implementing cascading drop down, implement the same for the Consultant and Client drop down

Filter Condition:


Similarly implement the cascading functionality  for Projects

Filter Condition:



(Properties of Project drop down)

To implement the look up functionality on the text boxes, we need to apply the formula on default values of the text box.

Project Manager:

Right click on the text box of the project manager and select Text Box Properties..


Click on the fx button. function. This shows up a dialog.


Click on Insert Field or Group..


Click on Filter and click on Add on the Filter Data dialog. Set the filter condition as shown in the image below.


Click on OK.

Similarly do the same for the Project Start date and Project End Date(with the similar condition).

Press ctrl + shift + b in order to preview the form. If every thing is configured correctly you will have a look up functionality i.e. when you select the consultant, client and project drop down the rest of the details are automatically filled up.



  1. Did not work for me at all. In fact I am trying to make a much simpler look-up of item to price. In other blogs i read that you need to put the rule to the main dropdown (in my case “Title”) so that when a title is selected from another SP List, the corresponding price is pulled in the “Price” field. Would you be able to say where I am going wrong?

    • Lokesh,

      I could not say where you are doing wrong, Can you send me the sharepoint list structure with the form.

      • I got it to fill in the Price, but it pulls in the first price on the list for all items. Itshould be straight forward lookup but seems like you’d need another parameter to tell the function to pull in the price of that particular line item/row.
        ex: (items and prices are in another SP list to look up from)
        Blue Pen = $5
        Green Pen = $6

        When selecting “Green Pen” in the published form it pulls in $5 instead of $6. I don’t know how else to explain it.

      • Filter is supposed to be applied on the price combo box under the data source, I am sure you made a mistake with the filter on the data source. i.e. the reason I asked for the InfoPath form you developed so that I can see and let you know the error you made

  2. Hi Manoj,

    I too have the same problem as Lokesh. I’m creating a form which populates a student class once the student name is picked from a drop-down list of student names. When I open the form to complete it, the class text box is filled by default with the class of the first student on the list and it will not change. I would be most grateful for any input you migt have.

  3. I think so. How do I send you the form?

  4. Are there any updates to this thread? I am experiencing a similar problem and have not been able to figure out how to make the corresponding values match up to the appropriate item. (similar to above with the class of the first student appearing for all)

  5. I have already acheived this 2 months ago but theproblem is that when i connect it to a another site list which as 15000+ ticket Id’s the performance is compromised. i know we can use CAML queries but how?

  6. Hi Manoj,

    Thank you for posting the tutorial, it has been v helpful.

    However, my form displays IDs not value.
    Pls can you assist and let me know if this can be done, as I have been thinking of lots of new ideas and restarting the projects.

    Currently, I have 4 custom tables ( client names, role, department and party status).
    This is pulled together in the ClientDetailinfo Form, I want this to be my key table, this will drive the other forms ( i.e. Employment Statement, Finance Statement).

    However when creating a filtered lookup from aboe, it only shows ids. 😦 :(.

    I think the reason being, is because it is a lookup within a lookup 😦 :(.

  7. Hi Manoj, I am following this good looking article carefully. I want to print off a formatted form using the contents of one item in a SharePoint Online list. I have setup a demo list as per your instructions with Consultant, Client and Project fields, these are ‘single line of text’ Initially confused I have now setup a blank form and used the Infopath2013 design surface to setup ‘MyField’s without dragging them from the connected datasource list. I am now stuck on the second part of implementing cascading drop downs. Are you suggesting that I should setup three lists, one each for Consultant, Client and Project and that these would be used to drive the list filtering to retrieve my desired item? if so I would need to reference these in the future when adding items to the list and not be able to rely upon the base list being made from a lookup. if so I will give it a go, else I just want to code something to retrieve one record from a list and print it, using ID would be okay,something simple! Cheers, Richard U.K

  8. For the cascading dropdown I did not use 3 list I used only one single list with 3 fields

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