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Retrieving data from InfoPath repeating tables


Programmatically We can retrive the values from an repeating table in a infopath form, In some cases we might need to retrive the content from an repeating table and save the content to SharePoint list.

For Example, below is the screen short of the fields I have in the repeating table.


Source Code to read the values from a repeating table for the above fields and saving it to a SharePoint List

SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web;
web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
SPList rList = web.Lists.TryGetList(“MyListName”);
if (rList != null)
 XPathNavigator xNavigation = this.MainDataSource.CreateNavigator();
 XPathNodeIterator xNodeIterator = xNavigation.Select(“/my:myFields/my:group1/my:group2”, this.NamespaceManager);
    while (xNodeIterator.MoveNext())
   SPListItem item = rList.AddItem();
   item[“County”] = xNodeIterator.Current.SelectSingleNode(“my:County”, this.NamespaceManager).Value;
   item[“Road Name”] = xNodeIterator.Current.SelectSingleNode(“my:RoadName”, this.NamespaceManager).Value;         

In the next post I am going to explain how to use Repeating Table in Infopath to Add and Delete Rows Programmatically.


3 thoughts on “Retrieving data from InfoPath repeating tables

  1. hi manoj,

    thanks the article was really helpful to me,
    I am wondering can I use the same technique to save data from InfoPath repeating table and populate it in another form???
    in other words i have a case were I need to pass a repeating table from one form to another, I tried using Nintex workflow but with no luck so far… so I am trying to find alternatives…


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