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Retrieving data from InfoPath repeating tables

Programmatically We can retrive the values from an repeating table in a infopath form, In some cases we might need to retrive the content from an repeating table and save the content to SharePoint list.

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Add SharePoint List Items with InfoPath web form using SharePoint Object Model

You want to save the data that is entered into an InfoPath form to a SharePoint list, but InfoPath does not allow you to submit data to a SharePoint list.

This is one of the  useful feature of Microsoft SharePoint is its ability to create and maintain lists that users can leverage to store, view, and share items with other users of the SharePoint site. It is often desirable to be able to view these items and to add additional items with an InfoPath form.

You can use SharePoint object model to insert an Item to a SharePoint List.

Note: Users must have proper permissions assigned to them to be able to add items to the SharePoint list.

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How to dislay Hand Icon for Buttons on mouse over in Infopath Forms

To display the Hand icon instead of pointer on mouse over of Button in Infopath Form, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Infopath form(InfopathForm.xsn) in design mode.
  • Export  Source files of the Infopath form


  • Go to the Exported Files location and open the xsl file(notice that it will create an xsl file for each view in the Infopath form) in an editor.
  • Search for “type=”button”” and for that button style add “cursor:pointer”. Save the file
  • Open “manifest.xsf” file in design mode from the same location.
  • Publish the manifest.xsf file.